Screen Show

Screen Show

MMB is developing outdoor advertising in Canada, Vancouver over LED displays as an alternative to traditional billboards to promote a wide variety of businesses, events and products.
We can work with any budget and develop creative solutions and a wide range of options to realize your marketing ambitions and enable you to reach massive audiences daily, build your brand and increase traffic through high-profile impact sites.
Electronic ads with large screens that we usually see on the street contain attractive, colorful words and advertising signs and many features, including:

1- Attract attention:
The image’s effects and visual colors can attract customers, making the result more visible!

2- Expansion of customer base:
The right way to grow your business is to expand your customer base. You can only achieve this through a comprehensive advertising strategy. Commercial LED display helps to attract more new customers.

3- Protect the environment and save energy:
Unlike billboards that have a huge role in destroying the environment, LED display is Eco-Friendly. It can withstand extreme weather conditions. It also adds a sense of modernity to the environment   .

4- Update faster:
The large electronic LED screen helps companies and individuals update information when launching new products or services.

5- Best Location:
LED displays are installed near human populations, traffic lights, shopping malls, places of worship, places of celebration, and hotels in which the audience is massive. Visual effects and bright displays attract customers’ attention, making information transmission faster and more effective.

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