Vending Machin

Vending Machin

Project Name: smart Vending Machines


Number of jobs expected to be provided by the project: unlimited


Polarized employment to work in the project


(Marketing products sales companies such as telephones and electrical appliances, advertising companies, qualified food chefs, delivery drivers, delivery and transport services companies, packaging and product display personnel, wholesale food companies)

To whom who benefit from this project


all humanity on the planet.

Places to show the project


We can use smart vending machines anywhere such as markets, grocery stores, train stations, and buses, gathering and party venues, distressed places, workplaces, universities and schools, conferences and meetings, etc.

Project objectives


  1. Developing the sales method to become more electronic.
  2. Creating jobs around the world in many areas.
  3. Overcoming financial costs to spread technology or sell products to the world’s population
  4.  Increasing the profit return of individuals and companies.
  5.  Overcoming conditions and events such as natural disasters.
  6.  Wherever you are and at what time you want to eat you can get your meal fresh at a competitive price in a smart way.


Project information


  1.  The smart vending machine works as a display for customers, selling many different products whether electronic devices or clothes or cold food or warm food as well as drinks, vegetables, and fruits in a way of self-selling anywhere and, in any climate.
  2.  We provide smart vending machines in the right places to provide service for example (workplaces, parties, stadiums, restaurant owners, supermarkets, gathering places as well as places far from points of sale) or perhaps according to the test of the customer rented to serve us
  3.  Transport staff transports products to be sold from warehouses, suppliers or individuals to the specified pos with self-selling machines suitable for product supply.
  4.   Shows customers on our website as well as our online application the closest point of sale available on the map, as the app explains to him about the content of the vending machine whether it is products or meals or vegetables, fruits, clothes, drinks and a lot of different products).
  5.  The buyer shows the level of buyers’ assessment of the product on offer and the number of times the product is sold.
  6.  The buyer shows detailed information about the product.
  7.  The buyer can book the product that you wish to buy by paying its value through the online application for a maximum of 30 minutes until the buyer reaches the machine or until the delivery driver arrives to receive it.
  8.  Multiple and smart payment methods, whether by bank card codes or membership card, or even cash.
  9.  The machine offers a screen containing English, French, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, and more

Subscription method


Whether you want to sign up for companies or individuals
First.. Send us information about your project.
secondly…Your data is verified
secondly. While you’re eligible to work
You will be provided with a username and password to the online app

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